More Than Coincidence
The Seed Angel

More Than Coincidence?

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Sample story:

The Seed Angel

Sometime ago, my neighbor told me about a craft project – an angel pin -- made simply from a peach seed (and a few other craft items -- a wooden head with golden curls, white sparkling paint, fluffy wings, and a pin). Most imprtantly, it was an angel!

One day, she had an extra one of these angel pins in her (blue) van as she was driving home from work with her two small children (a little girl and a baby son). While pumping gas, she noticed an accident marker on the nearby highway. A lone woman was placing balloons on it. The woman appeared to be overwhelmed with tears.

Touched by the woman’s grief, my neighbor stopped and gave her the seed angel pin hoping in some small way to ease her pain. She hugged her but had to leave, traffic was heavy and the children were in the van tired and waiting.

Shen told me then, that something about that day continued to haunt her - the woman lingered in her memory -- she wondered what became of her and if leaving her was the right thing to do.

It appeared to me, even at that telling, there was, and must still be, a special connection. In spite of being strangers, with limited time and no history, they had shared a very heartfelt moment (minimally).

Then, some time later, the incident was recalled to me in such a way (given the time and circumstance), that I believe it was more than coincidence. So I submit it now to as a tribute to both ladies, and in thanks giving!

Here is what happened next: Several months later, I went to a birthday party in an adjoining city (20 miles away). There I met a woman and her husband - they casually asked about where I lived. They knew the place well because her son had died in a traffic accident near to my neighborhood.

Sandy then told me about her son’s birthday -- the one that followed the accident. Her husband was unable to go with her that day to place some balloons on the accident site marker but she felt compelled to go. So, she went alone.

When she got there, she questioned her decision because she found herself overwhelmed and in tears wondering if she could go on; but then, something special happened. She honestly believed it was a sign from beyond -- she felt her son's spirit -- it was like he was letting her know that he was OK and wanted to comfort her. She would never forget that day because a young woman stopped and gave her an angel pin made from a peach seed. It was like an earthly angel intervened.

“It really was quite simple,” she explained, “but at that moment, it meant so very much to me.” A gift, and a hug, right there with the traffic passing them by, too hurried to notice or to care. The stranger had to leave quickly because her children were waiting – she had been driving a blue van and with a little girl and a baby boy inside.

With renewed strength and hope she drove home that day and placed the angel where she could see it every day. Every time she looked at the angel, its presence and the memories of that day brought a special comfort to her.

She was so impressed by the kindness of this stranger that she wanted to contact her and let her know how much it meant to her; but she didn’t even know her name. She wrote a thank you note and submitted it to the local newspaper for publishing but never knew if it was seen or not. The unresolved mystery had always left her feeling a little uneasy.

I thought about how they had both shared the memories of this experience with me – More than coincidence? An incident in which the heartfelt emotions of total strangers had forever and deeply touched their souls, and how, now, coincidentally or miraculously, I had been given the opportunity to hear the story, from two points of view, and could provide the connection/resolution each sought.

It was one of those rare moments in life when you just knew, without any doubt, that you were where God meant you to be, when God meant you to be there, knowing what God wanted you to do.

The couple’s sincerity – of wanting to convey appreciation to a total stranger – along with the mystery and the coincidence of it all, compelled me to tell them this story: “Sometime ago, my neighbor told me about a craft project – an angel pin – made simply from a peach seed . . .”

At the end of the story they both had tears in their eyes and asked me to tell my neighbor about our meeting. They wanted her to know, without a doubt, how much her stopping that day meant to them, & how that angel pin remained a continued source of comfort to them both.

One small seed and the love’s still growing....

I met Sandy and Greg at a VFW Birthday Party. This story is dedicated to her son, John Michael and to Cindy who cared enough to start it all.


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