Take Steps to Reduce Overstress

Steps to Take to Reduce Your Stress Load & Eliminate Overstress!

  • Set regular sleep times and follow steps to improve sleep.
  • Consider a good Multi vitamin and supplements for balanced health
  • Reduce Toxins
  • Watch for allergies
  • Exercise
  • Meditate, practice Yoga or Self Hypnosis
  • Come to terms with the Religious aspects of yourself.
  • Schedule relaxation if you can’t naturally fit it into your day – Read more, listen to music, take a walk, find simple/easily accomplished things that you like to do and ones that motivate you leaving you feeling refreshed, and sometimes do absolutely nothing but ‘stay open’ to let inspiration come to you!

Each day, find 10 minutes for your self to check for over-stress! (Even if it is just sitting in your car for a few minutes before picking up the children or before going in to work. Consider 10 minutes after work to also provide a change of gear time.)

If you are prone to overstress, look for the earliest warning signs.

  • Sleep pattern changes
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of enjoying life
  • Anxiety
  • Multiple aches and pains

If you notice many of these symptoms (or everything on the list), or if a new stress comes into your life:

First look at your stress list and see which one’s can slide to the back burner by postponing them. This is sometimes called exchanging stresses. Then see which ones prioritizing can eliminate. Reduce social obligations before family or personal obligations or you may actually multiply stresses you’ll have to deal with later. Say NO more often. That way you keep your stress level below your individual ‘overstress’ point.

A to-do-list can help reduce overstress as long as it doesn’t become obsessive. The list can also help you put it down on a piece of paper and walk away from it to sleep better or relax – don’t worry about it – the list is holding it for you, so you won’t irresponsibly forget to handle it like some people fear.

Help others, too – volunteering can be therapeutic – just don’t overdo! An overly concern for others can be a sign of trouble, too.

Watch those pick-me-ups, like over eating, or caffine and cigarettes – the results and swings will just add to your stress. Watch those put-me-downs, like alcohol to relax or other substances that swing moods or become addictive. They will only add to your troubles if over dosed.

Seek the counseling of a health care professional if stress, anxiety or depression becomes overwhelming. Sometimes underlying illness, hormones or chemical imbalances and changes in the brain can be at the source of overstress and effective treatment is available.

General Disclaimer

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