Holistic Healing Basics
Chakra Energy, Clearing, Balance, & Creative Imagery used in Holistic Healing

The Basics to the Holistic Healing Approach & Chakra Energy Clearing & Balance Using Color and Creative Imagery

It is important to find the triggers, mechanisms, and inspirations that work for you. It’s said, “we all march to the beat of a different drummer” – find yours. If you can identify with angels then Angel Therapy may be what you best relate to. If the Asian philosophies intrigue you and motivate you to action, call on the guardians of the four corners for help. If you are particularly sensitive to and perceptive of colors, then Color Therapy may hold some answers.

Remember, too, that creative imagery is like exercise in that –

You can’t do one round of sit-ups and see results immediately. It takes repetitive practice to first, learn the exercise, then you need to do more to build strength and still more to fine tune your sensitivity to corrected refinement.

Soon, though, you notice that your heart is stronger, breathing easier, speed and ease has increased as well as stamina. Finally, it pays off -- you feel better, look great and only then do you realize it really was working all along. So, many people give up on exercise routines because they can’t see or feel the difference instantly. This is true when it comes to holistic healing, too.

Remember: Slow and steady wins the race. Creative imagery, intuition sensitivities, vibrational controls takes practice and repetition coming from the heart, like a combination of prayer and exercise, and you may not see a great amount of results in the first few days; but you feel encouraged soon!

One important factor that seems similar to all the various philosophies of holistic healing, regardless of creed or religion, new age vs. traditional, physical or mental teachings -- the major emphases is on intent. You can make mistakes, be uncertain, do the exercise poorly in the beginning (at least your moving), practice it only three times (as limitations prevail) vs. a dozen times as recommended, say the words poorly, etc. – the main point is: your intent.

Intent becomes the saving grace and is the key factor for success in all the various philosophies of holistic healing.

Other similarities involved in most holistic healing basics include:

Start by connecting with the Spirit.

Most people were probably brought up with or have developed their own basic, personal and favorite prayer, like the Lord’s Prayer, for example. It is so ingrained in them that it serves as the quickest, strongest tool for setting the proper vibrational conditions for energies and holistic healing -- it conveys intent, devotion, respect, and asks for and divine guidance and protection. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple or by what nomenclatures you use.

Next, personify it

– make it relate to your human existence – connect with self-affirmations, alignment and protection as intent. The simple and clear childhood prayer of – Angels of God my guardian dears, to whom God’s love entrusts me here, ever this day be at my side to help, to heal, to guard, and guide – is simple, direct, quick and complete. (Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel) Or just modify it to a more adult version asking for direct help - or one may perfer a new age method that includes invoking the four major corners with a positive intent that will attract help for you – but specifically ask for protection and to bring discernment and truth at all levels. (North-Earth) (South-Fire) (East-Air) (West-Water)

Follow up with Balancing & Grounding:

The simple statement, “Make me an instrument or channel of your Love, Peace, & Will.” To keep balanced and to keep your ego in check, remind yourself – “I don’t own energy or hold energy – I simply move energy with the help of the Divine - in a “God’s will be done mode.” Words to convey meanings similar to this: “I go forth this day in Light and Love, Free Will and Balance, knowing who I am and what I represent – choosing to be an instrument of God’s Will – part of the collective spirit – taught to and brought to humanity by those who have gone before me and in conjunction with those who will come after, etc.” These are all relative points; and can be adapted to express the individual’s commitment, incorporated in holistic healing, and can be repeated at the end of the daily practice as well.

Clearing comes next:

Your aura is magnetic. You can attract or repel energy. Sometimes you pick up negative energy unknowingly. Some physical suggestions for clearing include: Epsom salts bath to transmute extra or negative energy. A cup of apple cider vinegar is said to be a very good toxin cleanser. 4-8 ounces of baking soda in the bath brightens your aura and helps clear the effects of having had X-rays – clear out the negative and watch for new doors to open – caution: new doors could be negative or positive – so choose carefully – search for the positive if you are interested in holistic healing.

Mental and emotional clearings included in many of the holistic healing philosophies start with the (following) same basic principles. They do, however, get into some very complex rituals and theories. If you want to delve deeper, you can pick up some of the many books on the subject or take a class.

Compare it to religions – most are based on the same book, and they do have similar intents. While we might not agree with every aspect of their doctrine or dogma (and sometimes we can even believe they are way off base in some aspects), we can still see some individual truths in each philosophy -- some not found in any other.

Remain 'opened minded’, and/or developed the ability to look past that which may not fit, continuing to search for unique and hidden truths. Just balance it with the statement, “If you are too open-minded, all your brains will fall out!”

UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS to provide the necessary avenues to clearing and holistic healing with energy:

The chakra system is one of the most well-known systems of annotating human subtle energies. Your body has many centers for energy. A chakra refers to an energy center in the body where a concentration of nerves congregate; a particular gland, organ, and level of consciousness is associated with each chakra.

There are 13 locations in the body but 2 of them share the same location so most of the holistic healing techniques and associated philosophies agree to define them as 12 major chakras –

Use this link to Find The Twelve Major Chakras

Again, these names, color associations, locations and organ functions seemed to be agreed on and are shared by more than one healing art, philosophy or theory. In reading about color therapy, different shades of these colors may indicate certain personality traits – all good, just different. These colors may be perceived by the individual using creative imagery in holistic healing and are used in the clearing process.

One simple method for clearing your chakras (which some believe is also enough for healing them) is:

Imagine each Chakra as a glass ball, filled with the specific colored liquid as indicated on the chart above. Don’t be overly concerned about what shade of color you imagine or sense but pay attention to whether or not the liquid is clear or cloudy. If it is cloudy, concentrate, meditate, or ask that it be cleared. You can imagine a ray of that specific colored light shining over your chakra until it is clear or zap it with a spark of energy that works like “clear it” in an aquarium tank. Easter egg dying can also help you create the image of clear colored liquid. Again, find your own intuitive triggers in holistic healing approaches – Intent counts!

When you can visualize it clear, and in balance, then move to next Chakra in the basic 7/8 that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Repeat the process for each also thinking about that physical organ or region affected by the Chakra – imagine a healthy pure physical form before moving on. By placing your hands over the area or by lightly touching the area, it will help to channel the energy used in holistic healing.

After checking Chakras 1 through 8 from head to toe or from toe to head, check 9 – 12 for balance and clarity, too, then, it is advised to ask for Protection:


Ask God, Arch Angel Michael (or the North-Earth guardian) to clear out any remaining negative energy from your limbs and surrounding muscles and to fill you with a protective white/pure filling that won’t let any negativity reach your cleared Chakras – negativity that could cause blockages, etc. Ask also, to be surrounded with a protective white light shield out side the body for 6 – 12 inches. One that moves with you wherever you go to keep your exterior protected but one that lets only positive energies through.

Finish the holistic healing exercise with Grounding and Balancing

Like it suggests in step two above, and give thanks for all the spiritual help in your life and in this specific holistic healing process.

Note: Healers with a clairaudience gift may hear something as they place their hand over a chakra out of balance. One with a clairsentience gift may feel subtleties in the chakras auric field or vibrations. And one with a clairvoyance gift may possess the intuitive art of seeing possibilities as well as problem areas. They may use some holistic healing - energy enhancing techniques with colors, sounds, herbs, crystals, scents, touch to show you how to work on a problem area blending colors in specific sequence and design. Good healers know that they are not healing you – You are healing yourself with their help and that these meditative possibilities should be tried in conjunction with proper and healthy life choices, not in place of them.

More definitions associated with holistic healing that may help you understand and form the creative images you need to clear and heal yourself include:

Aura – any electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds living beings. Contains color, as well as, symbols. Is impacted by the current states of the four bodies.

Body scan – The process of intuitively perceiving healing data by moving one’s hands along the edge of a person’s auric field.

Casual plane – a non-physical, inner plane of mind, wherein you create your own reality.

Finally, keep focus on the goal – It is to balance the four bodies – Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Basics - Summary:

Incorporate the following into everyday schedules and life:

  • Maintain a good daily diet and vitamin therapy. Keep in mind special needs.
  • Watch those additives and avoid toxins
  • Get healthful and sufficient exercise for the body; i.e. walking, swimming, aerobics along with stretching for flexibility, and some strength/tone/shape work three times a week.
  • Do all you can to get enough restorative sleep, rest and recreation.
  • Practice regular meditation and other spiritual forms of expression.
  • Do grounding, balancing, clearing and protection work daily at a rate you are comfortable with.
  • Take Epsom salt and/or apple cider vinegar baths if you don’t have skin sensitivities to them.
  • Get massage therapy or chiropractic work when possible.
  • Be willing to get counseling or other support with overwhelming issues if you need it.

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