Carpal Tunnel Exercise

Do you need a carpal tunnel exercise?

Before the keyboard generation, swinging a hammer was the primary contributor to wrist stress, and carpal tunnel syndrome; so, I looked to the carpentry trade industry for help. Here is an carpal tunnel exercise that I found in a carpenters’ trade magazine that was designed to ease carpal tunnel pain. It and vitamin B (complex) have eliminated all wrist pain and numbness for me.

(Be sure to check with your health care professional to be sure that what you are experiencing is truly carpal tunnel. There are a number of other ailments that can cause numbing of the fingers and wrist pain.)

Remember this is an exercise – so it can cause additional pain at first – (you would expect sore abs from sit ups, this is no different.) So, go slow, do the stretch, gradually increase the repetitions. I had additional pain at first, but noticed the numbness reversing so I stuck with it until all the numbness was completely gone.

How to do the carpal tunnel exercise:

Start by placing hands together in the prayer position. Put elbows together in front of you while keeping hands together. Notice how this straightened the wrists.

Again, this is an exercise – don’t exceed safe limits or overdo the first time out or you could make the carpal-tunnel problem worse.

Bend the left fingers gently back by softly pushing with your right fingers -- keep your left hand upright and left wrist relatively straight. Hold it for 10 seconds, feeling a gentle stretch all the way to your elbow.

Come back to prayer position and stretch the right fingers back gently pushing with your left fingers while keeping your right hand upright and right wrist relatively straight. Hold it for 10 seconds, feeling a gentle stretch all the way to your elbow.

Change positions holding both hands straight out in front of you. Arms should be parallel with the floor and hands level with shoulders, wrists straight, fingers spread wide and stretching forward as much as possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Then, make a fist with each hand, palms up, pull fists up towards shoulders keeping wrists straight, elbows down, and palms facing shoulders. Hold position 10 seconds.

Drop hands to your lap or down to your sides keeping the wrists straight, resting wrists on your thighs if sitting or aided by gravity if you are standing. You should feel a restful sensation in the wrists. Wiggle wrists and fingers gently after resting them for 10 seconds.

This carpal tunnel exercise may help carpal-tunnel syndrome be less painful and bothersome; or it may eliminate it entirely for some people. For additional help with carpal-tunnel syndrome, read about vitamin B.

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