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An Introduction to Inspiration, Creative Imagery & Other Holistic Approaches With Powerful Prayer Resources:

The acceptance and understanding of the link between spirit, mind and body has grown recently to include an explanation similar to this: The etheric (or spiritual) level never directly comes into the physical. It is the Intent -- likened to a blueprint – the spiritual body. Intent does, however, register in the mental/emotional or the data/expression levels considered non-physical planes of existence.

The mental/emotional status can and does affect the physical body. The physical is, then, the manifestation of the intent – that is, the physical body.

Realizing this, it is easy to see or understand the theory behind the Causal Plane (a non-physical, inner plane of mind) wherein the individual can do 'much' towards creating their reality. Much more than what was previously believed anyway - even when the theories or philosophies are kept within the balance of accepting what you cannot change.

This is probably the explanation, motivation, and reason behind the expressions:

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”--
“Think yourself there and it will happen.”--
and “Believe in the Power of Mind Over Matter!”

New treatments using creative, sensory images are being brought to public attention every day. One of the more popular cases that most people have heard about was an incident involving a little child with inoperable cancer who loved the TV show Star Trek. His doctors told him to imagine little enterprise space ships entering his body when injected with the (doubtful) treatment.

Next he imagined them traveling to the source of infected cells, using the most powerful lasers in the galaxy, zapping the cancer to oblivion. It worked! Cancer cured!

There have also been studies noting the changes to simple cells in a Petrie dish affected only by prayers – no other physical explanation could be found.

For all the hard core, must-see-it-to-believe-it mind sets out there, or even the wisely cautious, it's good to remember: using creative imagery, certain body positions like yoga and meditative thought processes, (or even the techniques of looking at a particular color or listening to a particular sound), won't support lunacy charges when used with common sense and proper medical care.

If they could help and don’t hurt anyone – what's to lose? These natural methods cost nothing, produce no side affects, avoid risks of over medication & don’t produce unnatural medicine swings, and are non-intrusive.

There are so many wonderful PROVIDERS and PRODUCTS available to consumers today on the Internet -- from scented candles for aroma therapies to CDs for musical/sound therapies. There are articles, discussions and support groups

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The articles are new and fresh every day, so please come back and get More! Get in touch with yourself and God daily to tap into your special energies related to healing. Don't under-estimate the power of mindset. Bring together your Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit in heartfelt expression so that you may understand and fully use creative, sensory images. Never underestimate the power of religion and inspirationally themed material for finding hope, direction, and hints to hidden truths! Here are some Links to: 'My Favorite Prayers and Inspirationals' - Help to stay motivated, find peace, make connections and simply find useful tools for the journey. Remember, you can forget the words, find answers in unusual places, say and do things out of “proper order” (as society views it), and still realize the benefits -- Know that 'Intent' goes a long way! “It’s Not Only Make Believe!” Have Faith!
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