Discover the Transforming Powers of Energy Healing & Other Holistic Approaches to Good Health

Explore the powers of Energy Healing

Energy healing, Yoga, Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Color and Sound Therapies are all methods becoming more and more popular today as supplements to good health care.

Practiced like a unique combination of prayer and exercise they can empower and transform the practical plans of healthy living (for example, diet, exercise, rest/sleep and spiritual meditations including sense of purpose) into more effective tools and a means of helping you to achieve all you can be!

If the inexpensive, non-intrusive, ‘less-side-affects’ methods of energy healing, yoga, aroma therapy, alternative healing, natural healing, Reiki, color and sound therapies have possibilities, why not? It certainly can’t hurt to surround yourself with colors that make you feel better, listen to soothing music on your way home from that stressful job, or fill potpourri pots and burn candles that have a pleasing fragrance.

Color Energy

Color energy is one of the easiest, fastest methods and most fascinating ways we can affect our lives and the lives of others in our circle. It can be used often in energy healing. Our sense of sight is our primary interaction with the world around us; but we rarely stop to think about what is happening when we see color, what color means to us and how it might affect us in the many different ways.

Light is a form of energy -- so why not use color in energy healing? Color is simply the brain’s way of recognizing the many different energy qualities of light. Color appears to have connections to a universal language – everything under the sun is affected by color – plants, animals, bacteria, chemical reactions -- all exhibit changes of behavior when exposed to different colors.

It is also a subconscious language that we use instinctively in every area of our lives. Every frequency of visible light, each color, creates changes in us at all levels, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Learning to recognize and use color with awareness can bring positive and powerful changes into our lives.

Color has been used much More in recent commercial applications, too – conference rooms are painted light blue for better communication, prisons are using specific colors to subdue violent criminals, and recovery rooms are using more mint green to speed recovery; but color has been used for years and throughout history. One example is that it’s use in establishing group identities. Individuals, too, have capitalized on the affects of color energy use in daily, personal activities especially in fashion coordination & dress as a means to attract success and attain what is desired.

Feng Shui is very big in the home building & interior decoration industries - the movement is sweeping the nation. Recognizing color as one of the nine basic cures of Feng Shui, the philosophy suggests balancing one's environment by placing objects in correct direction and in appropriate color themes to promote a variety of different moods, energies, and affects.

Some people claim to use the ancient secrets of Feng Shui to make more money, increase health and find love – Even while understanding little about Feng Shui! And No, it doesn’t involve anything crazy like standing on your head or throwing salt over your shoulder!”

Begin to think of balance in all things. For example, you must activate your career and benefactor sections so that you can be a magnet for exposure to opportunities and people who will help you get ahead. It will be easier for you to invite wealth when you have a happy love life. And if you are loved, you are more likely to stay healthy and attain the kind of wealth that stays with you.

And, Color energy is being used in self-healing methods as well as to energize, relieve stress, promote over all good health and provide fitness motivators. So, don’t under estimate it, or feel strange about tapping into the power of color to help you. Surround yourself with everyday uses of color energy – in your home, clothes, food – all natural, no/low cost, safe methods. Check out the Power Foods section of this site for colorful and healthy foods. Don't hesitate to use color in what ever form of energy healing you chose.

Sound Energy

Experimenting with sounds energy and music is another fascinating avenue to explore in the area of energy healing and promoting good health. A tape called, “NATURAL CONCENTRATION” has helped many people stay focused. NATURE SOUNDS tapes, REIKI CDs, and other calming or INSPIRATIONAL MUSICs certainly can’t hurt. They may be essential in energy healing for people gifted in the musical arena. And, some people believe that specific notes played on a keyboard in a signature rhythm may enhance healing and certain aspects of personality.

If Sound Therapy appeals to you, you may want to seek out a dijeredo – it is an ancient Australian musical instrument associated with the energy healing arts – said to put your soul in rhythm with the universe – and supports the theory of using sound vibrations to return sick cells to their natural, healthy state. Prices ranges from $15 and up so it is a low-cost form of therapy and fun – some malls carry them, ebay has offered them, and I would always search Google to find one.

Rhythm Instruments, including drums and toning bowls are other SOUND RELATED THERAPIES used in energy healing that are readily available, easy to find, and many local holistic centers offer low cost classes as well. In the classes, the instructors usually combine the sound healing session with creative imagery for the best in energy healing. They sometimes ask the participants to visualize their problems and pains and to put them in imaginary bubbles. As the session progresses, they are asked to imagine those bubbles clearing and filling with white light.

Participants say it helps them separate from the pain or problems then it makes them feel they are empowered bringing to them a sense of peace. It makes them feel that they can help themselves through a lot of emotional and physical issues.

Even for those who feel more comfortable conforming to accepted sciences, these therapies offer relaxation and provide many widely accepted, stress-relieving qualities of meditative calm. For those philosophies that view the body as an energy field, the right sounds can rebalance and unblock energy and thus promote physical, emotional and mental health as part of the energy healing process.

Sound and color are vibrations; forms of energy, and many believe they can help to heal themselves by directing and clearing the body’s energy. It should be noted that sound therapy is not the same as music therapy. Music therapy uses musical methods, for example, to restore speech to stroke victims. Music can lift moods, elevate the pace of an exercise program, and can keep marching participants in a parade feeling less fatigued and moving at the desired pace. (If your child is ever a participant in a holiday parade through school, cheerleaders, scouts, gymnastics, etc. request a place near the band – trust me.)

Yoga Energy

Yoga Remedies for Natural Healing including stress, back pain, indigestion, fatigue, headache is an excellent example of some of the many products available in health stores or On Line for Yoga help. Also offered are morning, night, and yoga for beginners. Body positioning can actually help energize and calm – so, don’t limit the exploration of these methods – just keep in mind your own personal physical limitations and check with your doctor. Yoga may be your trigger to energy healing! Check out the links provided on the posture health page in this site.

Aroma Energy

Here is a quick reference guide to start your exploration of Aroma Therapy in Energy Healing:

To Energizes and Invigorate – use Mint

To Create Sensual Aphrodisiacs – use blends of basil, clary, sage, geranium, jasmine, rosemary, patchouli, and ylang ylang.

To Relieve Stress, Tension & Headaches – use blends of chamomile & lemongrass

To Create Sweet Dreams, Peaceful & Calming Atmosphere – use a soothing citrus blend of bitter & sweet orange, warmed by a spicy blend of cinnamon and a soft touch of vanilla.

Several spas smudge sage and cedar to thwart off negativity and there are plenty of CANDLE STORES AND HOLISTIC CENTERS that sell candles made with scents that create moods of energy, peace, and romance. They reduce stress and inspire warmth, and provide soft light and calm atmosphere. The candles made from Soy are the best.

Don’t rule out unpleasant odors in energy healing either if they help – WOOD LOCK – a recommended healing oil used in massage therapy today, while non-greasy and affective, smells curiously similar to the old, strong smelling Ben Gay product that past generations have sworn by and used for achy, sore muscles.


Reiki is another area of holistic and energy healing practices that should be explored. Studies are available that indicate even persons with very brittle diabetic conditions have gained some control over blood sugars when experiencing a Reiki treatment. So, it may be worth looking into.


Reflexology could be a desirable tool in energy healing! By applying pressure to the feet and/or hands, ailments are identified, blockages removed, healing started, and pain relieved. An Internet Product that I have on my list is A REFLEXOLOGY CHART to learn more about it.

Check the new age section of bookstore and Alternative Healing & Herbal Remedies – but research, use common sense, think conservative, and check with your doctor. Some Spa’s also carry holistic healing products and information. And don’t forget to check the Google Search Engine

Chakra Energy

Be sure to Check out this Wonderful Free Diagram and Chart so you will understand the Chakra connnection used in Energy Healing

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