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About Me - Because You Asked:

I live a simple, casual lifestyle by choice -- I watch the sunrise over the gardens & set over the lake - whenever possible. I have enough rainbows in life without compromising, and enough struggles & heartaches without searching for more . . . occasionally enjoying a good game of Texas Holdem, a workout at the gym, walk in the woods, sushi and friendly-exercise-tennis. I like campfires, hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, beach activities and easy listening music.

MoreThanCoincidence happens quite frequently in my life, so I have registered that domain name in .com format, too, and am collecting stories for love of the game, for secrets to the quest, and simply as part of the journey -- founded in love and faith . . .the seen and unseen . . . by the grace of God.

One Day I hope to develop an Inspiration Section to this site and develop the Laughter Pages more fully. I may brave an open-forum format on Current Issues, too, but am currently working on some books entitled: Living in Shades of Gray, In a Nut Shell, Aura of Death, and two other books that yet have not been named - one of paranormal genre and the other a mystery with Corporate struggles. Please watch for them in the near future.

With Regards to All I Am!

Maggie Gerwig