Laughter Isn't Just The Best Medicine

"Laughter Can Be Life's Saving Grace!"

A chuckle, a smile, or even just a grin can be the ultimate stress buster during hard times. That's when it is especially nice to have something to lighten the load - even if it is only for a short time. So here is an entire section of amusing jokes and funny stories to help "lighten up" or to use as a handy reference when emailing friends who like or would benefit from a smile.

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A Favorite Story - especially for Fathers, Sons & Fourth of July!

Dad's Explosive Story -- Should Engineers Be Parents?

Archive of Jokes:
Best Dear John Letter, Craps Winner, Fairy Tales, Fishing & Reading, Miscellaneous Laughter & One Liners for Women
The Personal Trainer -- dedicated to every woman who has ever attempted to "get in shape" A MUST READ! (You won't be able to read without laughing out loud!)
Butfirst -- Procrastination Syndrome, Why am I so tired?,

Hospital Bill, Veterinary Bills
Collection of Jokes for the Working Class, Graduate Student Psychology 101, Information Technology & Business, Insurance GI Military Humor
Lawyers!, Witness For The ?
The Marriage Collection!, Pretend We Are Married,
How much would you take off?, Information Technology & Business, Sherlock Homes & the Great Outdoors, Sisters Logical & Mathematical,
A Collection of Humorous Antidotes about Hormones, Menopausal Women Fight Taliban, Women Over 50,
Craps Winner, God Our Father, Happy Birthday Old Man/Talking Frog, A Letter to Dad, Love Me For Who I Am, Play Around, Texas Mini-skirt,
Gifts For Mama, Never Lie to Your Mother,

Craps Winner, Fishing, Graduate Student Psychology 101, How Much Would You Take Off?, Interrupting The Whole Story, Play Around, Pretend We Are Married, She's Old, Not Dead!, Texas Mini Skirt,
Church Bulletin Bloopers, God Our Father, Reconstructive Surgery, The Young Diligent Preacher,
How Government Works,
The Senior Moments Collection, She's Old, Not Dead!, Talking Frog/Happy Birthday!, Women Over 50
Dad's Explosive Story -- Should Engineers Be Parents?

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